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Support for the recognition of qualifications and skills of refugees

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Against the current backdrop of conflict in Europe, and situations which may emerge in coming weeks, a reminder that UK ENIC is able to provide support in the recognition of qualifications and skills of refugees and individuals in refugee-like situations.

If you need guidance on recognition of refugee qualifications, or information on support we can offer, email us on [email protected]

UK ENIC continues to work with our counterpart ENIC-NARIC agencies in Europe on the ongoing programme, the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees. To deal with individuals who have missing or partial qualification documentation, this programme uses a structured interview methodology to ascertain qualification and skill levels.

UK ENIC was a pioneer in developing this interview methodology, and there is now considerable practical experience of using it, 'on the ground'. UK ENIC used these techniques and processes in our Syrians in Jordan project, working with Syrian refugees.

UK ENIC has developed 'statement bundle' services for charities and support groups working with refugees. This gives access to our qualification statements at special reduced prices. To accommodate cases where there is partial documentation, a flexible approach can be taken on document requirements, and explanatory text added to our qualification statements. For more information about these support services, again, the single point of contact is the email address - [email protected]

28/02/2022 11:19:00