Employee Ownership Trust

We are an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). EOTs are a Government initiative aimed to promote employee ownership of businesses. This means that our employees are able to have a meaningful say in how the business is run and operated.

Ecctis provides official UK national agency services on behalf of the UK Government in qualifications, skills, and migration. Ecctis Ltd is owned by GRS (Holdings) Ltd, which in turn, is overseen by GRS Employee Ownership Trust.

The governance structure in place to govern the organisation is showed below:

  • GRS Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) – oversees the governance of the group
  • GRS (Holdings) Limited – the holding company that owns Ecctis
  • Ecctis Ltd Board of Directors – responsible for the performance and success of Ecctis
  • Senior Management Team – managing all day-to-day operations of Ecctis

The GRS Employee Ownership Trust comprises of a Board of Trustees, which includes an employee representative. The Board of Trustees oversees the financial standing of the organisation and also ensures that it acts in the best interests of employees.

Studies have shown employee-owned businesses to be highly resilient and more sustainable. Employee owned companies are also more innovative because managers go out of their way to consult, share information about the company, and give staff responsibility. The incentives associated with an EOT mean that employees have improved motivation and performance.

As a result of the EOT, all employees benefit from their hard work and contribution in helping the organisation become more successful, rather than the rewards being distributed to shareholders.