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Before you apply, use our interactive guide to work out which service you need.

Once you have created your online account, you will be able to log in to upload documents, contact us and make payments.

Apply online for the Fast Track service.

First, we will look at your documents to make sure that we have everything we need. Once we have received all required documents and payment, we will complete your assessment within 1 or 2 working days, depending on the Fast Track service you have selected.

Check our requirements carefully and upload the correct documents to avoid delays.

There is no limit to the number of qualifications you can upload but there are some which we cannot assess. These include qualifications which were awarded following very short periods of training, for example first aid certificates.

To avoid delays, we recommend uploading only your most important and relevant qualifications.

Remember, for the Visas and Nationality service, we will only look at Higher Education (university) qualifications.

We will send your statements by your chosen option – you will choose either e-statement and/or hard copy during the application process.

It is important to choose a delivery method which suits your needs.

Hard copies: courier deliveries are available for express international deliveries. International deliveries are subject to customs inspections. Airmail (international) and First Class post (UK) are not tracked services.

e-statement: Our e-statement is a digitally verifiable document. If you have ordered this, you can download it from your account once we have issued it.

The e-statement is valid to download for 3 months from date of issue. Screen-shots of the document will not prove its validity.

A final certificate is usually a decorative document awarded by an institution or awarding body and presented to you, sometimes at a graduation ceremony, following the completion of your course.

A transcript or mark sheet shows the subjects/modules studied and the marks/grades achieved.

A Medium of Instruction (MOI) letter confirms the language of instruction used throughout your degree programme.

We cannot accept a reference to the language of instruction on your transcripts or final certificate. The confirmation of the language of instruction must be on a separate document, issued by the university, from your final certificate and transcripts.

Medium of Instruction letters typically look like this example.

We may be able to consider information from the following or similar offices of the university:

  • Head of Faculty
  • Dean
  • Administration team

We are unable to proceed with any of our Visas and Nationality services that include English Proficiency without this letter. If you require our contact details for your Institution to send this to us directly you will need to send us a message via "Contact Us" and then "I would like to send a message regarding my application" to request these.

If you choose to use our Translation Waiver service, we work with your qualification documents in their original language. This means that you do not need to upload certified translations.

We do not provide you with translations of your documents as part of this service.

At the moment, the Translation Waiver service is available for these languages:

Arabic , Bulgarian , Catalan , Chinese , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Polish , Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Spanish , Ukrainian

The Translation Waiver service is only available for the Statement of Comparability service and the Industry Skills Statement for Academically Qualified Persons.

The Translation Waiver service costs £40.00 + VAT* in addition to the standard price of the service and postage.

*VAT if applicable.

Certified translations of qualification documents are completed, signed and stamped by a professional, qualified translator.

If your documents are not in English and you cannot or do not wish to use our Translation Waiver service, you will need to upload certified translations.

For affordable, high-quality certified translations suitable for applications on this website, we recommend dialexy.com.

If your name has changed for any reason, you should upload proof of your name change, for example, a marriage or civil partnership certificate, a deed poll certificate, affidavit or other legal documentation which shows this change of name. You should also upload a form of identification (for example a passport, birth certificate or national identity card).

You can get in touch with us directly via the ‘Messages’ section within your online account.

If you have applied for a Fast Track service, we will respond within one working day. If not, during busy periods it may take us up to five working days to respond.

For information on how we compare qualifications, please read our methodology and evaluation criteria.

If you have any queries or concerns about the outcome of your assessment, please see our application procedures for further information.

All updates are sent within your registered account. We will never call you to ask for additional payments. All payment requests will be made directly through your registered account.

If you are unsure about the status of your application or any action required, check to the “order status” within your account or send us a message.

You can choose to order an e-statement when placing a new order, or a replacement/replacement with additional qualification. This option is available as a delivery option.

e-statements issued by Ecctis, are a digitally verifiable document, which you can download for up to 3 months from issue, as many times as you need. The validity dates are shown in your account portal.

If you need to download a copy after the digital copy expires, you can simply order a replacement through your account. The fee will be charged at the current cost again.