Vision, mission, values and strategic plan
Vision Statement

Our vision is for Ecctis to be the acknowledged global leader in the international qualifications and skills recognition arena.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the preferred source of expert advice on the recognition and comparability of qualifications and skills internationally, building on our advanced research and our established knowledge and experience of education systems across the world.

We are committed to ensuring the fullest possible customer satisfaction and to making a major contribution to international best practice in the domain of qualification and skills recognition.


At the centre of our organisational culture are core values. These are:

Respectful - we value differences, treat everyone with respect, and build trust by fostering a fair and inclusive culture.

Ambitious - we are ambitious and enthusiastic in our approach to finding solutions.

Creative - we encourage a balance of bold, creative, and innovative thinking, built on our experience and learnings.

Dynamic - we evolve in our dynamic industry by using our expertise to create opportunities and champion continuous improvement.

Engaging - we grow by engaging professionally and responsibly with each other, by being receptive to feedback, and making space for new ideas.

Strategic Plan

We develop world-leading products and services in the field of international education. The organisation’s main achievements are in four distinct areas:

  1. Expand and embed individual case evaluations into more online and internal processing systems, both UK and international
  2. Create and develop new commercial models of support for organisations facing a new era of international student recruitment
  3. Improve our world-leading educational data, so that it can be fully integrated into online systems
  4. Package and sell unique Ecctis independent evaluation and benchmarking expertise on a global stage
  5. Develop and promote a world-leading team of specialists in international qualifications and skills, offering experts and solutions
  6. Construct a comprehensive employee engagement and development framework to formalise approaches to staff career growth and enhance the employee experience
  7. Invest in the working environment to create a dynamic and modern post-Covid office space
  8. Modernise database systems and websites to maintain Ecctis’ competitive advantage by introducing new functionality and ensuring the best possible internal/external user experience
  9. Use latest technology and coding frameworks to optimise system efficiency and robustness, and establish greater task automation.

More information about Ecctis’ strategic plan can be found here.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Ecctis is committed to encouraging equality, diversity, and inclusion among our workforce. Our Equality, diversity and inclusion policy can be found here.