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Is recognition affected by Brexit?

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Amidst continuing Brexit uncertainty, we have received enquiries about how qualifications and skills recognition, or how UK NARIC services, might be affected by different potential Brexit situations.

The key document governing recognition is the Lisbon Recognition Convention. The UK is a signatory to the Convention, and remains a signatory, post-Brexit. Lisbon sets out the requirement for signatory countries to have a national agency to perform the recognition function. Therefore, UK NARIC will continue performing its recognition role, post-Brexit. This is the case whether Brexit happens under some sort of deal, or under 'no-deal' conditions.

The core issues and processes in recognition, therefore, are not affected by Brexit.

The position in relation to professional recognition is more complex. Read our briefing on professional recognition in a 'no-deal' Brexit situation.

The position regarding programmes and schemes which are funded by, and operated or overseen by, the European Union will depend upon the details of any overarching Brexit 'deal', or side deals or contingency measures which accompany a 'no-deal' Brexit.

Concerning Erasmus+, the European Council has approved contingency measures in the event of a 'no-deal' Brexit - this was announced on 19 March.

Depending on political developments in the coming weeks, which might involve delays or extensions in the Brexit process, further Brexit updates with relevant information and announcements will be included in future editions of this newsletter.

27/03/2019 16:16:00