Interactive Digital Training

Our regular webinar series are interactive, lively and engaging. Where possible they include practical exercises, case studies, Q&A and discussion. View and book currently scheduled dates on our Events Schedule page.

On-Demand webinars

Alongside our live webinar series we have on-demand webinars.

There are as series of on-demand free digital events which will be useful for university and college staff, professional bodies, recruiters, work permit and visa agencies, careers / guidance / refugee and asylum seekers advisers.

There are also a series of on-demand paid for digital events which include country briefings, evaluating international qualifications and combatting education fraud.

How to book

We offer both free and paid for webinars. Free webinars can be booked directly through the webinar page.

Members can use your complimentary training places for these webinars paid-for webinars.

Non-members can book, and members can book additional places, on paid-for webinars for £75 + VAT per person. Logged-in members can book online. Call the team on 01242 258605 or email [email protected] if you need assistance.