Using Online Databases

International Comparisons is an internationally used qualifications database, serving as a key tool for recognition; together with the additional online databases it serves to help thousands of organisations make informed decisions about qualifications from overseas, essential for the screening and recruiting of international candidates.

Attention: Some locations will require delegates to bring their own WiFi enabled laptop to participate in the course. Please contact us for specific course requirements (contact details below).


This session gives an introduction to evaluation criteria with a specific focus on using our key online database International Comparisons. Topics covered include the Lisbon recognition convention, different education system models, distance education and recent developments in secondary education in a range of countries. By working through specific tasks and examples you will gain a sound knowledge of the full range and capabilities of the online database and how to apply this knowledge to everyday situations.

Target Audience

This training is aimed at all members, providing an introductory or refresher course on using the online recognition tools. The course shows the best way to make use of UK NARIC's unique data and provides delegates with a wider understanding of the UK NARIC role for education institutions, employers, careers organisations and professional bodies. This is particularly useful for those who are new to using the UK NARIC service.


The key objectives of the training are to:

  • Understand how to apply credential evaluation and assessment theory to reach a final decision regarding comparability
  • Understand how the status of an institution may affect the result of a comparison
  • Explore the relevance of academic and vocational education and training systems
  • Identify key features of the online database International Comparisons
  • Be confident in using the databases to answer real life scenarios
  • Identify further resources and support
  • Understand how to navigate and access the full range of information available on the online database

Support Materials

Delegates will receive a comprehensive training manual to support the fully interactive session, which will be used in conjunction with the UK NARIC software.

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