Degrees of Deception: Combating Education Fraud

This course is designed to meet the needs of those processing international applications for work or study or those in credential evaluation roles. It provides guidance on what documents to request and on what checks to make when dealing with international credentials. It also provides the opportunity to share experiences and ideas on best practice in the field of fraud detection, and the opportunity to practise the skills discussed using real examples.

Target Audience

This session is aimed at those dealing with higher education qualifications; such as higher education professionals, visa and immigration agencies, credential evaluators, and those involved with processing international applications for work or study.


The key objectives of the training include:

  • Increase awareness of the existence of fraudulent documents
  • Understand the importance of the translation to avoid misinterpretation of the qualification
  • Know the importance of correctly verifying an institution
  • Apply measures to aid in the detection of fraudulent documents

Support Materials

Delegates will receive a training manual in either print or electronic form to support the interactive training session. The databases will be used and referred to.

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