eTRG3 – Degrees of Deception – Dealing with Education Fraud: a Fast Introduction

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The focus of this fast introduction is to provide some useful insights into, and some practical first approaches to, combating education fraud.

International admissions and recruitment is a challenging area, somewhat under the spotlight. Fraudulent certificates are a growing problem. Without due diligence, it is easy to run the risk of admitting individuals with suspicious or incomplete documentation, or to inadvertently block legitimate applications.


This course provides an introduction to education fraud across the world, and practical guidance on how to combat this problem through requesting and evaluating specific documents.

The training is aimed at anyone who is involved with processing applications from overseas, and serves as either an introductory or refresher course.

Included in the training are questions and mini-tests so you can assess your own learning and progress.

Learning outcomes
  • identify some of the various types of education fraud found across the world
  • identify key documents that can be requested to counteract fraudulent activity
  • identify key distinguishing features of fake documents
  • develop an understanding of the role that degree mills play in education fraud.

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