Verification services

UK employers, universities and colleges face a constant challenge from the growth in education fraud and fake certificates and documents. Over the past two decades fraud has become a worldwide problem, as academic qualifications are increasingly important in areas such as immigration, employment and professional recognition.

To help you combat education fraud, Ecctis offers a range of effective screening, checking and verification services.

What are the benefits?

Our verification services help in many areas:

  • Recruitment processes
  • Reputational risk
  • Immigration and visa compliance

QCAS – Qualification Checked At Source

QCAS – Qualification Checked At Source – has been developed by Ecctis in association with UK-based Qualification Check.

QCAS offers straightforward verifications of high school, degree-level and some sub-degree qualifications with key benefits:

  • 10 working-day turnaround
  • easy online processes
  • reasonable pricing
  • simple credit-based system
  • account-managed service
  • close to worldwide coverage

How it works

QCAS clients buy bundles of credits in advance. You may set up multiple account users, who can order verifications online. Credits are deducted from your account balance. You may set up account administrators, who can monitor activity using an online dashboard. Verification reports can be downloaded, and are recorded for archive, audit and overview on the dashboard.

QCAS can also be integrated into your institution’s application systems so that your applicants can be prompted to supply a verification of their qualification at the point of application.


Prices of individual checks can vary, depending on charges levied by institutions for supplying information, which differ between institutions and countries.

To streamline this, we have developed a credit-based system. You purchase a bundle of credits in advance. Before you order an individual check online, the price in credits is clearly shown. The credits available on your account are also shown, and can be monitored on the online dashboard. You will get an alert when these run low.

Most checks cost 10 credits, although a small minority of institutions in some countries have higher charges. Across all countries and institutions, the average cost per check is under 11 credits.

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Size of bundle

Bundle price

Price per credit

100 credits

£500 + VAT

£5.00 + VAT

250 credits

£1187.50 + VAT

£4.75 + VAT

500 credits

£2250 + VAT

£4.50 + VAT

1000 credits

£4250 + VAT

£4.25 + VAT

>1000 credits

According to size

£4.00 + VAT

How to order

For new customers, please click here for:
QCAS set-up and initial order form [PDF]

For existing customers, please click here for:
QCAS bundle renewal form [PDF]

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