EQF by NQFs: Similarities and Differences of the National Reports

National qualification frameworks present an invaluable tool in articulating learning outcomes and progression through a national education system. Placing these frameworks in an international context, such as through referencing to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), helps to promote transparency and understanding of national systems.

In 2007, ahead of agreement of the EQF in 2008, this project involved a review of national qualification frameworks in Ireland, France, Romania, Spain, The Netherlands and the UK with a view to determining:

  • the current situation in each country, given that the countries were then at varying stages of development or implementation of the frameworks
  • the specific needs of each country regarding the development of a NQF and the required referencing to the European Qualifications Framework
  • best practice and commonalities in the development of NQFs in the partner countries.

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