Ecctis Register of Benchmarked Qualifications

Welcome to the Ecctis Register of Benchmarked Qualifications.

The Register lists qualifications which have been benchmarked by Ecctis. Information includes, institution name, qualification title, benchmarked level of comparability, benchmarking validity period, and a link to the benchmarking executive summary report.

The Register was launched in August 2022. At this date the Register lists institutions which have opted-in to be included. Discussions about opt-in continue with our benchmarking clients and the Register will grow as opt-ins are received. Note that the Register is dependent on opt-in and is not a comprehensive directory of all Ecctis benchmarked qualifications.

The standard validity period for an Ecctis benchmarking comparability is 5 years from the date of review completion. This validity period reflects the situation that qualifications and their delivery arrangements can change significantly in a 5-year timeframe. Qualifications whose validity period has expired are listed in the Register. Admitting institutions and recruiters may use their own judgement in evaluating qualifications whether within or outside the validity period.

For any questions or enquiries about the Register, email [email protected]

The Ecctis Register of Benchmarked Qualifications (updated: February 2024)