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New CBQAN network established to tackle problems in transnational education

Cross-border Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education (CBQAN) forum attended by 15 international quality assurance and recognition agencies to launch new network.

Dr Cloud Bai-Yun has introduced a charter for the Cross-border Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education in Asia and Europe at the China International Forum on Cross-border Education in Haikou.

The Charter sets out the purpose, mission, framework and mechanism for the newly launched Cross-border Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education (CBQAN).

Advancing international higher education has brought cross-border education into the world focus.

In order to promote international cooperation and raise awareness among countries of the importance of quality assurances for cross-border education UNESCO and OECD have jointly developed “Guidelines on quality provision of cross-border higher education” in 2005, which “encourages the establishment of a complete and credible quality assurance and verification system of cross-border higher education, guarantees the coordination and cooperation between various quality assurance and verification organizations internationally, and provides confirmed, credible and up-to-date information about higher education for the public.”

At present, there is no international communication platform targeted for supply service of cross-border education quality assurance.

In 2013 agreement to establish a following a Cross-border Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education (CBQAN) Secretariat was reached at the Asia-Europe Higher Education Qualification Mutual Recognition Collaborative Working Group folowing a proposal at the Fourth Asia-Europe Meeting of Ministers for Education.

The Secretariat would be based in China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) and would be responsible for carrying out the functions of the Secretariat with the support of Malaysia and UK.

The aim of CBQAN is to build a communication and cooperation platform for stakeholders of cross-border higher education quality assurances in Asia and Europe, in the following areas:

  1. to understand and learn from each other
  2. to promote high quality communications-academic and personnel exchanges
  3. to facilitate healthy development of cross-border HE in Asia and Europe
  4. to explore the formation of a platform for international cross-border HE quality assurances collaboration

The CBQAN will also:

  1. Conduct comparative studies in qualification frameworks, quality assurance systems of cross-border higher education in related countries of Asia and Europe and construct the learning and cooperation platform
  2. Formulate standards and guidelines for cross-border HE quality assurance in Asia and Europe
  3. Provide advisory information services on the cross-border education policy, quality assurance regulations, and cooperation programs
  4. Analyze the difficulties and challenges in cross-border higher education quality assurance and propose possible solutions

The Charter was adopted by the CBQAN General Assembly.

21/12/2016 12:12:00